Bedtime Story & Study: Melvin and the Boy

Melvin2BEDTIME STORY: Melvin and the Boy, by Lauren Castillo

“When a little boy sees a turtle basking in the sun at the park, he thinks he’s found the perfect pet. But when they get home, the boy soon discovers that the only time the turtle comes out of his shell is at bath time. Is it possible that the turtle would be happiest back in the pond? After all, it’s always bath time there!

Lauren Castillo’s beautiful art gives this gentle story about finding the right pet–and, in the end, doing what’s right for that pet—a timeless, classic feel.”


1.) EXPLORING PETS:  Brainstorm all of the different pets one could own.  Use pages 1-7 to help gather ideas.  Discuss, draw and/or write the name of each animal.  Which one is your child’s favorite?  What are needs of this type of pet?  Does your family already have a pet?  What responsibilities go along with this pet?  Are there animals that should not be kept as pets?

2.) TURTLE FACTS:  The last two pages of the book list fascinating facts about turtles.  Some kids absolutely love animals and learning about their physical features, habitats and adaptations.  Read these facts and then start your turtle art project.  Help your child draw a turtle and create a mosaic of its shell using torn pieces of construction paper (be sure to include Melvin’s yellow spot!) and then label the carapace, the bridge, the scutes and the plastron.  Your little one will love announcing these turtle parts to anyone who will listen.


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