Bedtime Story & Study: Time for Bed

BEDTIME STORY:  Time for Bed, by Mem Fox

time for bed 2“Darkness is falling everywhere and little ones are getting sleepy, feeling cozy, and being tucked in. It’s time for a wide yawn, a big hug, and a snuggle under the covers–sleep tight! Working beautifully with the soothingly repetitive text, each painting conveys a warm feeling of safety and affection.”School Library Journal


1.) Reread Time for Bed the next morning.  This book allows you to teach repetitive text, rhythm and rhyme to your child. Kids love rhyming words in a story. They also love hearing you rhyme with them.

2.) Pick out the rhyming words and recite them to each other.  I know it seems overly simple, but rhyming is a foundation and precursor to reading.  Kids who rhyme well, learn to read more easily down the road. (No, your child should not be reading yet.)

3.) Retell the story substituting other animals and their babies.

4.) Draw a picture of another animal and her baby at bedtime.


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