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Bedtime Story & Study: The Pet Dragon

Bedtime Story: The Pet Dragon, by Christoph Niemann “Lin, a young Chinese girl, receives a baby dragon for a gift. The two of them play together until they accidentally break a vase. Lin’s father is so angry that he insists the little creature be caged. The dragon escapes, and Lin goes to look for it. With […]

Bedtime Story & Study: The House in the Night

BEDTIME STORY: The House in the Night, by Susan Swanson “Winner of the 2009 Caldecott Medal. A spare, patterned text and glowing pictures explore the origins of light that make a house a home in this bedtime book for young children. Naming nighttime things that are both comforting and intriguing to preschoolers – a key, […]

Bedtime Story & Study: Sleep Like a Tiger

BEDTIME STORY: Sleep Like a Tiger, by Mary Logue “’Does everything in the world go to sleep?’ the little girl asks. In dialogue between a not-at-all sleepy child and understanding parents, the little girl decides ‘in a cocoon of sheets, a nest of blankets,’ she is ready to sleep, warm and strong, just like a […]

Bedtime Story & Study: Melvin and the Boy

BEDTIME STORY: Melvin and the Boy, by Lauren Castillo “When a little boy sees a turtle basking in the sun at the park, he thinks he’s found the perfect pet. But when they get home, the boy soon discovers that the only time the turtle comes out of his shell is at bath time. Is […]

Bedtime Story & Study: Anno’s Counting Book

BEDTIME STORY:  Anno’s Counting Book, by Mitsumasa Anno “Every child is a natural mathematician, according to Mitsumasa Anno. Children start to count long before they learn their ABC’s, for they are constantly comparing and classifying things and events they observe around them. As they try to bring sense and order into what they observe, they […]

Bedtime Story & Study: The Curious Garden

BEDTIME STORY:  The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown “One boy’s quest for a greener world… one garden at a time.  While out exploring one day, a little boy named Liam discovers a struggling garden and decides to take care of it.  As time passes, the garden spreads throughout the dark, gray city, transforming it into […]

Bedtime Story & Study: Pancakes, Pancakes

BEDTIME STORY:  Pancakes, Pancakes, by Eric Carle “The barnyard rooster crows and Jack wakes up — hungry, of course What does he want for breakfast? A big pancake. But first, Jack’s mother needs flour from the mill, an egg from the black hen, milk from the spotted cow, butter churned from fresh cream, and firewood […]

Bedtime Story & Study: Frog & Toad Together

BEDTIME STORY:  Frog & Toad Together, by Arnold Lobel “Frog and Toad are best friends — they do everything together. When Toad admires the flowers in Frog’s garden, Frog gives him seeds to grow a garden of his own. When Toad bakes cookies, Frog helps him eat them. And when both Frog and Toad are […]

Bedtime Story & Study: How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

BEDTIME STORY:  How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? By Jane Yolen “In a few simple lines of verse on each spread, fathers and mothers are ready to put their youngsters to bed. But in this book, the youngsters are a wide variety of dinosaurs. And how do dinosaurs say good night?  Filled with wonderful detail and […]