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5 Mistakes Parents Make When Buying Kids PJs

It’s starting to get cold at night, which usually means many parents buy new sleepwear for their kiddos.  Don’t make the following mistakes when you’re ready to purchase.  This may seem like an unimportant issue, but when you consider that your little one spends over half of his or her day in pajamas it’s worth […]

11 Harmful Chemicals in Your Child’s Clothing & How to Avoid Them

Many fabrics used for clothing are coated with toxins to create stain, fire and wrinkle resistance.  Dyes, inks and pesticides are also found and contribute to the vulnerability of developing brains and body systems. FORMALDEHYDE This carcinogen can be found in some permanent-press and fire-retardant clothing, including children’s polyester sleepwear up to size 14.  It […]

Why is the otter the symbol for Snug Organics?

PLAYFUL NATURE Like children, otters are naturally playful—tobogganing down slippery slopes, chasing and wrestling one another,and rolling shells around in their paws like marbles. They are also known to chirp, chatter, whistle and chuckle. SUPER WARM FUR The otter has the densest, warmest fur on earth consisting of around a million hairs per square inch. […]