Manuka Honey Mask

manuka2As hormones change after giving birth, a mom’s skin can sometimes break out with acne or just look lackluster.  If you’re breastfeeding it can be difficult to find safe products that actually work and make a difference.  Many OTC or prescribed products dry and stress out the skin so much that flare-ups become worse.  It is essential to stop using harsh cleansers, especially the ones for acne.  The goal is to rebuild the thin, protective layer on the surface of your skin called the acid mantle. As we age, our skin becomes more acidic due to negative lifestyle choices, environmental toxins and harsh acne and anti-aging products.  These contribute to the breakdown of the acid mantle and the skin’s ability to protect and heal itself.  Treating your skin gently with natural non-irritating ingredients is key.  Here are a few to get you started:

Manuka honey is a very special antibiotic and anti-inflammatory honey from New Zealand. Its properties prevent and treat acne and acne scarring becaues it protects against damage caused by bacteria. Manuka honey also stimulates production of special cells that can repair tissue damaged by infection. It has even been known to be used by doctors to treat burn victims.  Wedderspoon’s Manuka Honey 16+ can be found at Whole Foods.

Jojoba Oil mixes with the dry sebum clogs in your pores, softening and dissolving them. It also tricks your skin into thinking that you already have enough sebum and prevents it from overproducing. Jojoba removes make up and acts as a moisturizer


Mix a dime-quarter size bit of jojoba oil with a heaping teaspoon of manuka honey.  Rub this mixture together in your hands, then apply over your entire face and leave on for a half an hour.  This mask can also be used as a facial cleanser and removes make up well.  You will notice acne, dryness and dullness leave your face after a 4-6 weeks.  Hydration will return and you can go back to using mild anti-aging products once again.  Continue to use this as a cleanser indefinitely.



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