inhabitat-green-gift-guide2Snug Organics delivers downright dreamy pajamas for tots.

I have never received a single baby product that I love so much. It is so soft and such beautiful high quality.
Robin, New York

My son is at a tough age, stating exactly what he likes and dislikes. I am thrilled to report he asks to wear his “monkey” pjs, as he calls them.
Amy, North Carolina

My daughter changed into these at a Christmas party last night and everyone wanted to know where they were from. They are super warm and cozy and we love them.
Krista, Vancouver

There’s nothing bettepetit planetr than snuggling up with your freshly bathed babes on a cold winter night. Snug Organics manages to take the cuddle factor to new heights with their 100% organic cotton sherpa sleepers. When your child wears a warm Snug Organics sleeper to bed, there’s no need to worry about a blanket smothering him or getting kicked off, leaving him cold -instead he’ll maintain a safe and comfortable sleeping temperature.

I gave my pregnant friend Jen one of your 12 month sherpa PJs and it was a huge hit.  I believe it was the only gift that was passed around at the shower.
Natalie, Colorado

My 3 1/2 year old grandson, Henry, received his Snug Organics yesterday. His mom loved them and they passed the Henry comfort test. He put them on immediately, saying “I’m a polar bear!” Thank you for the quick ship time…they arrived just in time for Michigan’s cold winter nights. You really make a fabulous product, so happy that I found you!
Lucinda, A Green Grandma, Michigan

I was so very glad to find you after seeing the parade of too thin cotton and fire retardant fleece PJs.  We broke out our Snugs for the first time this year and are still smitten with them. They really are great jammies and a great solution for my acrobatic sleepers who can’t keep their blankets on. Thanks again for a great product!
Galen, North Carolina

My daughter slintheknowmomept in her “Snugs” as she calls them last night. Yesterday (a Sunday) she seriously refused to take them off and I couldn’t blame her! The material is so soft, the fit so snug yet stretchy–they actually make for fun romps around the house.

This is the best thing I have found to replace flame-retardant filled/coated polyester fleece pajamas. My toddler loves this sleeper so much, we are ordering another. High quality, well made, will definitely last through several children.
Whitney, Illinois

There is nothing that even comes close to how cute, soft and cozy these are! My boys in these make me feel like a good mama! My little 8 week old baby smiles when I put him into these. We love them too, they are so wonderful to snuggle up to this little guy when in this soft outfit! The shipping was super quick. We are so in love with your work! Thank you!!
Leslie, Washington

baby elanNicholas received a pair and we love them. At almost 4 it is unbelievable how picky the boy is about how his clothes fit so I was nervous about him liking his new Snug Organics summer jammies. We took them with us to NY and he wore them almost all week! I had to sneak them off to the laundry room.

Couldn’t be happier with these. Worth every penny.
Serena, California

I purchased two Snug Organics PJs for my daughter a few weeks ago, and I wanted to email to tell you how much I love them! They are so soft and keep her nice and cozy overnight without overheating. I’ve tried all kinds of PJs for her – cotton, terrycloth, sleepsacks, fleece, etc. – and nothing has worked so well for us as your PJs. She now wears her Snug Organics every night for bed. I’m glad that you have them up to size 5T. We’ll definitely be coming back for more. Thank you!
Alexandra, California

FigSageLogo_1Wow! I just love everything about this company I’ve discovered called Snug Organics. Truly. First of all, this company creates certified organic, fair trade and fire-retardant-free sleepwear for wee ones. Awesome. Second, their sleepers are simple, timeless, anti-microbial, unisex, comfortable and well-made. Double awesome. Lastly, they’re based in Denver (and the sleepers are made there). I’m in love.

My husband was excited when he saw them, he said, “Oh good, now we can turn down the heat at night.”
Betsy, California

Love, Love, Love the Snug, it is our favorite pajama. Thanks so much!
Kristin, Florida

Perfect gift. My nephew looks adorable in it. Thanks!
Christina, California

bamboobabyThese organic sleepers by Snug Organics will keep your little one comfy-cozy. So comfy in fact that the organic cotton sherpa sleeper is my daughters favorite item of clothing. She would be as content as could be if she could wear it morning to night, 7 days a week. Being that we only have one, she could well turn her favorite sleepwear into nothing but shreds if she wears it anymore than she does. When she snuggles up on my lap, she feels like a little lamb with the fleecy soft texture of the organic cotton sherpa fabric.

I wanted to let you know I got my order this past week & LOVE the sleepers. The pictures and write-up don’t do them justice. My daughter isn’t speaking yet, but when I zip it up on her at night she rubs her sides with a big smile on her face, so she apparently loves them too! Thanks for a fabulous product!

This is a fantastic beautiful thing! My niece has cerebral palsy and so normal nightwear rides up horribly, and synthetic ones make her too sweaty. She’s really comfortable and happy in this- she even laughed when she first touched it because she liked it so much. I love the fact it has no feet so it will last her for ages, and it fits nice and snugly. I’m so pleased you are making these! (Also, it arrived really quickly even though I am in England.) O, and my sister says it washes well too. It’s been really comforting to her on her many hospital trips.
Hannah, Bristol, Avon UK

milehighmamaI’m totally crazy for this brand! The Sherpa Sleeper is the cutest thing I’ve laid eyes on in a long time. It reminds me of a little lamb and I just keep placing it over my huge belly dreaming of a little one wearing these darling jammies. There can be some cool Colorado summer nights, and this outfit is perfect for a newborn. I don’t know what mom wouldn’t melt upon opening this gift.

SO COMFORTABLE! My daughter LOVES it! She doesn’t seem to mind that it’s not plastered with a Disney character – only that it’s very soft and comfy to sleep & play in! Thank you for the FAST shipping!
Angela, Louisiana

We love this sleeper. I’m actually quite jealous of my little one and wish these came in big people sizes! Thanks so much!

doesmommyloveitThe Snug sleeper keeps my son warm at night, while also being breathable and helping to maintain a good body temperature. In addition to all of these wonderful traits, this has to be one of my lil’ guy’s most adorable ensembles. He looks absolutely cozy and comfortable, and the simplistic design and snug fit lets his personality really come through! Mommy loves it!

Thank you! Received the sleeper yesterday. It’s perfect! So soft and lovely! I’ll be back for bigger sizes after a while!
Linda, Jurmala, Latvia

I have 3 sherpa sleepers that my son is now wearing that are a few years old (formerly worn by my daughter). They are holding up, but I do need more since he will soon outgrow the ones I have!

canadian momMy little toddler loves them so much and calls them her “cozies”. They are made with thick, wonderfully soft organic cotton fleece. I am not sure why, but organic cotton just feels so much softer than traditional cotton- and these are the softest! The quality of the Snug Organics pajamas is truly outstanding.Snug Organics sherpa sleepers are so warm that your baby or toddler doesn’t need a blanket when wearing them. This is especially great for the first year when SIDS is such a concern. Doctors recommend not having any loose blankets in baby’s crib- and Snug Organic Sleepers are a perfect solution. They are also great for running around the house on cold mornings, and under snowsuits. My daughter actually never wants to take hers off, and would happily wear them out everywhere we go.

I just wanted to put it out there that we just love the organic sherpa sleepers, the cotton ones, here in California. We have been using the cotton sherpa sleeper year-round since we found them when he was 3 months old. Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase two in every size when you had them in every size. We have turned several of our California friends with newborns onto them and they also love them and would like to purchase them for their kids as they grow.
Valentine, California

Love these. Cutest and most cozy pjs ever! And they don’t have the creepy chemicals that most pjs have! My husband loves this so much he wants to dress our daughter in it all the time (not just at bedtime).
Karen, Massachusetts

PurposefulThey are so incredibly soft that I’m even more delighted to have her snuggle in bed with me when she’s wearing them. She loves how soft they are too and they are a fantastic alternative to synthetic footie style pajamas.

Adorable, so cozy and well made.
Heather, Nova Scotia

Absolutely beautiful, sent promptly and packed securely. Highly Recommended!
Jodi, Katoomba, Australia

I just received these today, and they are so soft! I bought a King organic cotton sherpa blanket by Under the Nile a couple years ago, and these sleepers remind me of that. I love them so much, and I know my little boy will love wearing them when it gets colder. Please, please consider making these for adults too…a shirt and pants combination would be great. I love them and I would love to wear them myself. I can’t find anything like this for adults. Thanks again.”

connectionsErin Royer was concerned about hazardous chemicals in our environment, but she was especially worried about children because of their developing immune systems. The former elementary schoolteacher and conscientious mother of two took her concerns about these issues and acted upon them.

Just wanted to say thanks …we love the jammies and they kept the girls warm all through the night which meant everyone slept well! Thanks!!

It was still very cold when we brought baby L home this February and one of my favorite pairs of jammies to put her in were the Sherpa sleepers from Snug Organics.

As a soon-to-be new parent, when I pulled mine out of its package, I appreciated truly how soft it was, in addition to the fact that one single zipper was all I needed to deal with during a diaper change. I also love the fact that these are footless in design as I’ve already dealt with one baby that grew so fast I had to cut the feet off her sleepers to make her comfortable.

aboutI wanted to let you know that your sample arrived today and I LOVE IT!!! SO SOFT!!! Pardon all the caps, but if we were chatting on the phone I’d probably be doing that whole “Oh. My. Lord. Love. It.” Kind of like my 10-year-old does when she talks about the Jonas Brothers.
Stacie McClintock, Baby Clothes

Just received your sleepers and they are so warm and the design is stunning! Thank you for making such a great product. Your sleepers will keep my little guy warm during the cold northern Michigan winter.

I bought one for my toddler who hates blankets and one for our newborn. They are cozy, well-made and look great.
Kristin, Washington

simplelifeWhen I first opened Rai’s new Alpaca Sleeper, I couldn’t put it down. The Alpaca wool is so soft and snugly. I have to say he was a happy camper. A seriously cold night came and I was so excited to sleep him in his new sleeper! We dressed him in his pj’s and put on the sleeper over the top. Not only was he super adorable, he was nice and warm all night long! One huge benefit to this amazing sleeper is that I can use it as a coverall for out and about use as well. Since it is so great at keeping them warm with out all the bulk, I can put this over his outfit and run errands. He fits in his car seat nicely and I don’t have to constantly take a coat on and off. I am also looking forward to using this for outdoor playtime. I can place this under his snow suit and rest assured that he is toasty warm in our sub zero climate come January. I am so happy with this amazing product.

Nicholas loves his and he’s at a tough age, stating exactly what he likes and dislikes. I am thrilled and relieved to report he asks to wear his “monkey” pjs, as he calls them.
Amy, North Carolina

mkOrganic pajamas haven’t been treated with PBDEs, pesticides, insecticides or other harmful chemicals that can affect your child’s health. Snug Organics sells amazingly soft and snugly organic sherpa zip up sleepers.