Why is the otter the symbol for Snug Organics?


Like children, otters are naturally playful—tobogganing down slippery slopes, chasing and wrestling one another,and rolling shells around in their paws like marbles. They are also known to chirp, chatter, whistle and chuckle.


The otter has the densest, warmest fur on earth consisting of around a million hairs per square inch. We’re all about keeping kiddos warm.


Like children, the otter is super-sensitive to pollution, toxic chemicals and disruption to their natural environment.  Otters disappeared from Colorado by the early part of this century due to water pollution and control of stream flows

Oil spills can devastate otter populations, because the otters’ coats lose their insulating properties when saturated with oil, and many affected otters die of exposure.  Populations are being restored and the otter’s status in Colorado was recently changed from endangered to threatened.

Playfulness, warmth and sensitivity are the most important aspects of our brand.  Our products encourage lots of sleep and equal amounts of play, keep kids cozy and protect them from environmental toxins that harm their developing bodies.  Both children and otters require a non-toxic pristine environment to thrive.


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