erin-and-leoAt Snug Organics we choose the abundance and warmth that nature provides for sleeping children. We draw from our practical, minimalist style to create lush organic sleepwear that gives cozy contentment and well-being to your child, which means peace and restfulness for you.

Buy clothing, bedding and furniture made of natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, which do not melt near heat and as such do not need to contain flame-retardants.
-The Healthy Children Project

Our customers are moms who educate themselves, research products before buying them and inherently go back in time to the most simple and natural way of doing things.  They find creative ways to work around the status quo when it comes to toxic, cheaply made, synthetic children’s products.  They want to protect and nurture their children even though they know this means things won’t always be perfect.  They found us through their own search for something better for their child.



My path to motherhood was a rocky one, which is not as uncommon as I thought.  A first pregnancy is magical and life changing.  Mine was both of these things, but with a very different ending.  When our daughter was born at 28 weeks our plans for a simple natural home birth became a complicated medical nightmare. Her time with us was short but filled with love. Coming home from the hospital without a baby was the worst experience of my life.  As horrible as it was, our baby’s birth was still magical, and beautiful too.  It taught me how much I wanted to protect and nurture my child; and most importantly how large my love could be.

“I have never received a single baby product that I love so much.  It is so soft and such beautiful high quality.” Robin, New York

My second pregnancy was very different from the first.  That blissful obliviousness was gone and I worried about absolutely everything.  The loss of our daughter caused me to become fearful and anxious. I stopped trusting my body and constantly wondered what I had done wrong.  I analyzed every single thing I was putting into my body and on my skin, what products I was using in my house and purchasing at the store.  I desperately wanted to protect this growing baby and ensure that he was safe. Being a person who already believed in the power of nature, I decided to turn my fear and anxiety into a positive vehicle for change.  My experience taught me to take better care of my family and myself.  It taught me to educate myself, to value natural processes and be aware of the dishonesty and recklessness of product manufacturers. When our son was born, naturally and two weeks late, my need to try to do everything “right” was overwhelming, but turned into a lifestyle change that has served our family ever since.

“I was so very glad to find you after seeing the parade of too thin cotton and fire retardant fleece PJs.” Galen, North Carolina

It was one of the first chilly days of fall 2007 and I was browsing the internet, dutifully doing my research to find warm cozy pajamas to keep my son sleeping through the night during the cold Colorado winter.  Our pediatrician had recommended keeping blankets out of my baby’s crib due to the risk of SIDS. The industry standard seemed to be the typical polyester fleece blanket sleeper.  I looked into buying one, but the words “flame retardant” caught my eye.  I did a separate search to see what flame retardants were and why they were being used to treat children’s sleepwear. When I found scientific evidence about how harmful flame-retardants are for children’s growing bodies, I decided this was not something I wanted my son exposed to, especially since he spent the majority of his time sleeping.  I figured I would simply find something else.  I discovered a lot of organic cotton rib knit pajamas, but knew these would never be warm enough for winter.  I found sleep sacks, but my son was getting big and had begun to climb out of his crib.  What I needed for him was not available.

“Couldn’t be happier with these. Worth every penny.” Serena, California

Tapping into my resourceful nature, I decided I would just have a blanket sleeper made for my son in a cozy organic cotton fabric of my choice.  I found a beautifully thick, soft, fuzzy fabric called organic cotton sherpa and had one made by a woman in town.  Needless to say, the pajamas turned out perfectly and my son loved them.  He began sleeping through the night, meaning I got to sleep too.  He wore them well into the day and sometimes we just threw on boots and a jacket and headed out the door. I decided other moms should have this option too. I had patterns made, my husband built a website and we manufactured our first 100 sleepers.  (Well, it was a little more complicated than that but you get the idea.)  Every last one of them sold.  Our small family business was on its way and we’ve been growing ever since.

“My daughter changed into these at a Christmas party last night and everyone wanted to know where they were from. They are super warm and cozy and we love them.” Krista, Vancouver, BC

Did I mention that I’m also an elementary school teacher?  I have my masters in elementary education and taught for 8 years before becoming a mom.  I have a passion for children’s literature and will hand pick the very best bedtime stories out there to help put your night time routine on autopilot.  I will also pair them with a quick 15-30 minute activity for the next morning that will connect with an early childhood education standard and reinforce essential literacy goals.  We all want to do what we can to nurture our children’s development and reading is one of the most important.  You can make such a huge impact in so little time.  I’m here to make it easy for you with our Bedtime Story & Study series.  Be sure to sign up for our bi-monthly newsletters to receive these fun and worthwhile activities.

Sleep Well,


Erin Royer
Owner and Founder